Ghetto Bushi – The Art of Survival

July 18, 2007

Always Remember

“Always remember Henry Smalls who, without legs choose to say,
“I can walk” and so he does.”
— Butch San Dan

Ghetto Bushi
The art of survival

I have been in the martial arts over 30 years now becoming a chief instructor of my own martial arts school called REIUN-KENKAI, religion and philosophy as will as history have had a very strong influence on the pattern which have leading me into writing and influencing me as a musician and actor. I have starred in movies and been written about numerous times on the international scale. What makes this unusual is that at age 11 there was a train accident in which I lost both legs and through hard times and good times through hard work and dedication I have proceeded on to win karate championships as well as kendo demonstrating the skill which has developed from hard work. Invited to travel around United States and other countries speaking to the philosophy I have learned through the hard training only life teaches each day through the bounty of endless possibility of choices made each day moment to moment in the supreme power of the (now) being a motivation and inspiration for many people surviving perception of others of what should be possible out of and individual life force.

A ghetto and environment occupied by a group especially in social economic or legal pressure a crowd urban areas live in poverty section of a city.

Born in the place where you would think I had no chance to overcome a place where you knew my history before I even begun on a corner there’s a liquor store and one must carry a gun Born in last place not expect to us to last although winning anyway through the ghetto path.

One skilled in the combative art of survival whose living in constant preparation for the what is.

As a martial artist I have learned through training there is mental prosperity as one prepare for life in daily mindfulness in decisions made in the what is the what is that is there before ones life.
The what is our teacher no matter where we start rich or poor in pain or joy to open the mind to what is the light that eliminate the dark place in the ego that is bankrupt just feeling its way in life as if living life is without endless potential and ego that sees itself in a dark room only imagining what is there before its path falling down bumping into things imagine by a ego in the dark. We have to train to see beyond ourselves in order to see the many ways of living within the universe bigger than our ego


The Coming

July 17, 2007

Henry Smalls training

Growing up in Philadelphia, Henry and his three younger brothers were raised by a mother who instilled in all of her children a strong desire to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness, no matter what life put in front of them. Little did Henry know that at the age of 12, his mother’s insight would come into play when Henry became the unfortunate victim of juvenile violence, whereby a senseless train accident resulted in the loss of both legs.

Not one to give up, Henry pulled from within to move past this hurdle, creating a life for which others are in awe.

At a young age, Mr. Smalls gained international attention for his winning empty hand fighting ability and his command of traditional weapons (Kata or traditional pattern movement). A feat in itself, it was a monumental accomplishment for someone with no legs

Since that time, Mr. Smalls has continued to take his abilities to the highest levels possible. He has won numerous Karate championships, and has been inducted into the Pennsylvania Martial Arts Hall of Frame. The winner of numerous local championships, he has represented the state of Hawaii in several international world championships in such exotic places as Japan and Paris.

Mr. Smalls has trained in Japan with some of the most famous martial arts technicians, gaining their respect by demonstrating his spiritual strength, determination, and high skill level. He has traveled throughout the United States for many years, demonstrating his ability as a martial artist and an inspirational performer. He is a practitioner of Kendo (Japanese swordsmanship) and many other martial art styles such as Iaido (the art of drawing the sword), Aikido, Karate-do, Kung Fu, Jujitsu and other empty hands forms of fighting. He is now one of the most recognized Kendo practitioner’s in the world.

Mr. Smalls is known by the media throughout the world, and has been the subject of numerous interviews and stories for television, newspapers, and magazines. It is this media presence, coupled with peoples heartfelt reaction to his talents with the martial arts, that he began his venture in the entertainment industry. He started in production, helping with Hawaiian local public access shows, and has performed every job from working the cameras to answering phones. He progressed in his career to the point of producing his own shows featuring Hawaiian entertainers of all kinds. Then, he started acting school, and acquired a love for both the craft of acting and all aspects of filmmaking. In conjunction with friends, he began writing and developing scripts for future production.

In addition to all Mr. Smalls’ other accomplishments, he has been featured in four movies (the most recent being “The Ghost” by Regent Entertainment), and has been applauded by directors and actors alike for his performance in front of the camera.